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Chapter Officers

The members listed below are the chapter leadership.

President - Bob Sheehan     Phone - (443)571-5615                        Email -
Vice President - Brian Stempoeski  Phone - (410)598-2914          Email -
Secretary - Fred Manage    Phone -   (410)798-5868                        Email -
Treasurer - Jean Hoffman    Phone -  (410)923-0769                       Email -

MSSA Scholarship Committee - Pete Abbott                                     Email - 
Evan Foundation Committee - Dale Dirks                                          Email -
Evan Foundation Committee  - Bob Thompson                                 Email -

Speaker Chairman - Tom Taneyhill                                                      Email -

Raffle Table Chairman - Brian Stempowski                                        Email -

Saltwater Fishing Expo Chairman - Kevin McMenamin                   Email -

Saltwater Fishing Expo Co-Chairman - Glen Stephenson              Email -

Rock on Warriors Chairman -  Brian Stempowski                            Email - 

Rock on Warriors Co-Chairman - Bill Petrohoy                                 Email -

Ocean City Fish Chairman - Ricky Holmes                                         Email -
Summer Fish Chairman - Bill Walling                                                  Email -

Crab Feast Chairman - Larry Muscatello                                             Email -

Holiday Party Chairman – Bob Sheehan                                             Email -                                     
Web Master - Craig Teuber                                                                    Email -

Newsletter Editor - Kacie Sheehan


Let's go fishing!

To email the Annapolis Chapter, use the following email aliases.

Chapter Leadership -

Chapter Members -

Chapter Members -
Chapter Friends -


Chapter Meetings

The Annapolis Chapter welcomes all new and existing members to become active participants in this fun and informative Fishing Club & Conservation Organization. One of the easiest ways to participate is to join us at our Monthly Meeting. The Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Annapolis American Legion Post #7. Here are some of the ways that you will benefit by attending:

  • - Learn new Tips & Techniques from local Charter Captains & Expert Anglers.
  • - Remain informed about Fisheries and Conservation Issues from State and Regional Officials.
  • - Hear Bay and Ocean Fishing Reports on where and how fish are being caught.
  • - Build your Network of Fishing Buddies to call when you are having a slow day on the water.
  • - Provide inputs on how the MSSA can best represent your interests & concerns.
  • - Enjoy a cold drink or two and swap fishing stories/lies with your buddies.
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